Sunday Academy – Managing the Everyday Bigot

Sunday Academy / March 5th, Noon to 2pm – Managing the Everyday Bigot

Learning to stand on the side of love when confronted by
Racism / Sexism / Ageism / Ableism / Transphobia / Homophobia / Xenophobia / Hatred

Every day, in our families, at work or school, in the stores where we shop, or the buses we ride downtown, we may see examples of hatred and bigotry. How do we react? Can we bear to just ignore racial bullying or the small, hurtful aggressions that are all too common?

Should we stand up to family members and risk hurt feelings? Can we call out our boss for her anti-immigrant remarks without getting fired? And what about the bully on the street yelling at a woman in a hijab? Do we confront him and risk being beaten or harassed?

UUCCWC is sponsoring a two-hour workshop, using techniques developed by the American Friends Service Committee and the Southern Poverty Law Center, that will teach us ways to interact with those who are being treated wrongly – and those behaving badly. We’ll learn some basic techniques and then practice roll-playing in small groups. We’ll introduce a safe approach to helping someone who’s being publicly harassed, and look a bit at the legal aspects of getting involved in public harassment incidents or participating in public direct actions.