About Us

Picture of churchFor more than twenty-five years, the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Washington County has been a progressive religious voice in Washington County. We are a community where people with different beliefs worship as one faith, where religious inspiration comes from not one but many sources.

Our growing congregation is committed to the creation of an inclusive community. We warmly welcome those who by reason of race, class, disability, sexual orientation and/or gender identity have felt excluded elsewhere. If you are seeking a place to grow your spirit, to deepen your connection to the human family, and join with others to create a better world, our congregation welcomes you.

Our first services were held on Nov. 15, 1987 at McKinley School. The need for a Unitarian Universalist church in Washington County was documented in 1986. Through grant money from the First Unitarian Church in downtown Portland and the Unitarian Universalist Association we were able to begin serving the Washington County community. There were 75 adults and a religious education (RE) program with 35 children in attendance on that first day of services held at McKinley School. Four months later, seventy people chose to sign the Membership Book.

Since that beginning our congregation secured our current home and have been having services here since July 1999. We now have over 200 members representing a large diversity of ages, beliefs, and involvement in the congregation. We continue to have religious exploration classes for all ages, and we provide numerous opportunities for engagement in our community, and in the spiritual and social life of the congregation.

To learn more about our history, the ministers who have served, and the many people who helped build our congregation, please download the Brief History of the UUCCWC from inception to 2007.

Brief History UUCCWC