Personnel & Administrative Services

This group is the “GLUE” of our Congregation because its volunteers support all of us in all we do. Some of its responsibilities are:

Brochures – Provides final touches, publishes, and updates congregational brochures (not responsible for content).

Computer Support – This group supports the office operations. They make recommendations for hardware and software upgrades. They repair computer problems.

Director – This is a yearly publication and involves printing, folding, stapling, labeling, and distributing the finished product. (Quarterly electronic updates are included in the Interests, Skills & Locations document.)

Web Team – This group oversees our church website, our church e-mail and our participation in the Yahoo Groups e-mail.

Flower Coordinator – This person creates a sign-up sheet for folks to provide flowers for worship services, and then e-mails or calls the person to remind him/her to bring flowers to the worship service.

Library – Volunteer librarian takes spirtual / self-help book donations (no fiction or bestsellers), gives them a church stamp, and makes up a library card. Congregants who wish to borrow the book should write their name on the card and place it in the index file.

Newsletter Mailing Team – This group takes care of the mailing of the monthly newsletter to those who are unable to receive hte electronic version.

Newcomer Packets – Makes copies of brochures and keeps supplies on hand to stuff the packets. Content is provided by the Membership Committee.

Newsletter – One person collects all articles, columns, and items of interest. The next steps are adding artwork, editing, and proofreading (the latter done by Diane Larson). Distribution is via e-mail except to those unable to receive a copy in this manner.

Glue-ons – This group assists our Office Administrator with projects that arise during the year, such as the in-house pinting of the Annual Report, notification of annual meeting, annual gift renewal dinner, etc. This is the cut, color, and paste, collate, laminate, duplicate, mutilate, fold and staple team.