Congregational Responses to Tragedy and Social Justice Issues

Homage to victims of Orlando Shooting June 2016In these times where their are mass tragedies everyday, it is difficult to respond to all of them. Certainly any personal tragedy or difficult involving a member of our congregation should be brought to the attention of the Minister and the Care Team.  Please be sure to contact them via email (click on links) or call the church office 503-648-1720 and they will make sure to connect you.

As a congregation who cares deeply about social justice issues and tragedy on a local and national scale, the minister may also issue an open letter to the community. When that happens, those letters will be linked here.

Response to Florida Shootings

Our congregation stands with all UU congregations across the country on the following principles.

Black Lives Matter

As an expression of our faith and values, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) takes positions on relevant issues of social justice. These are voted each year at General Assembly. To learn more about what we are supporting in social justice, please visit the Social Justice Statements page at the UUA, which also includes sign-on letters and amicus briefs in partnership with other faith and justice organizations and coalitions.