Upcoming Services

Sunday services begin at 10:00am in the Sanctuary.


Worship Topics for October 2017

October 1      The Right Stuff: What We Own, Who We Are, and What It All Means
Kathleen LaFlamme, Worship Assistant

Our possessions tell stories about our lives. What we choose to own describes our values, our social status, and our personal taste. But when does our relationship with stuff cross the line into a moral question? When does our stuff own us instead of our owning it? What do the UU principles say about the things we acquire? Special music by the Cathouse Band


October 8      Faring Well On Our Journeys
Celebratory Worship Honoring our Community Minister, Reverend Sue Ayer
Reverend Sue Ayer, Reverend Christine Riley, Music Director Raymond Elliott, & the UUCCWC Choir

Throughout our lives, we are always bidding “Goodbye” to what we’ve held dear, as we say “Hello” to our new reality. In her benedictory message as our Affiliated Community Minister, Reverend Sue will look at the hopes and wishes embedded in the word “Farewell.” This service will include a Rite of Release to mark this change in our Community Minister’s life and in the life of our faith community. Come join Reverend Christine, our Board Members and others as we celebrate and honor all that Reverend Sue has blessed our congregation with for so many years as she moves into a bright new time in her life. Joyous music and uplifting words will be followed by a reception with treats for all!


October 15      SOURCES OF OUR FAITH SERIES: Our 2nd UU Source Challenged To Confront Evil In All Its Manifestations With Hope and Love Reverend Christine Riley, Music Director Raymond Elliott, & the UUCCWC Men’s Choir

This morning we explore the support available to us in these challenging times through the prophetic words and actions that have been remarkably successful in reining in evil, injustice and bigotry. We discern how optimism and hope are fostered through strategies rooted in our liberal UU faith and values. Each of us is emboldened to do our part when we are assured that we stand together. This morning we engage both our intellects and spirits in our quest to turn our world towards The Good.


October 22      Playing Chicken: What Are We To Do?
Reverend Christine Riley, Elaine Nelson, Music Director Raymond Elliott, & the UUCCWC Choir
UU-United Nations Sunday

The 2017 UU-United Nations Sunday focus addresses disarmament in this time of global strife and increasingly more dangerous confrontations nationally and internationally. Will continuing to ratchet up the perilous game of “Playing Chicken” inevitably end in tragedy for everyone, or not? Our UU-United Nations Office has determined that of all the challenges confronting our world, the issue of disarmament is the most timely and crucial. What is our role as Unitarian Universalists in all this? Can we make a difference?


October 29      WCCUUPS invites you to a Samhain Worship Service Washington County Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans

Samhain, Gaelic for “Summer’s End,” is a multi-aspected Celtic, Pagan holiday. For this Sabbat (Pagan holy day) we honor our Ancestors, Dearly Departed, give thanks for the last harvest of the year AND celebrate the Witches’ New Year. You are invited to bring a picture or memento of your own dearly departed to be placed on the altar BEFORE the service, so please come a little early.