Upcoming Services

Sunday services begin at 10:00am in the Sanctuary.

Worship Topics for April 2018

April 1      Easter Worship
Reverend Christine Riley, Music Director Raymond Elliott, and the UUCCWC Choir

This morning we gather to celebrate Easter through our uniquely Unitarian Universalist perspective. What does the Biblical Easter story offer us of liberal religious belief in today’s challenging times? With joyful music and the traditional Biblical tale we’ll explore how “renewal and rebirth” can be meaningful in 2018 for UUs. We’ll deepen our All-Ages fellowship with a newly conceived Easter/Spring Ritual that weaves together our faith, the Christian Easter story and its Spring Pagan roots. Through Easter Worship we are invited to rekindle our own understanding of how Easter can enrich our engagement in our Church and the wider world. Come join us for this celebratory Easter Worship!


April 8      Go Dharma yourself!
Scott Lindstrom

We’ll consider how our search for truth and meaning helps us to keep hope alive. And we’ll make some secrets to sustain our hopes. Don’t tell! They’ll be secret!


April 15      Annual Flower Communion and Child Dedication Worship
Reverend Christine Riley, RE Coordinator Sandi Carner, Music Director Raymond Elliott, and the UUCCWC Choir

This morning we celebrate two uniquely Unitarian Universalist Rites: Child Dedication and Flower Communion. As Unitarian Universalists our Rite of Child Dedication does NOT seek to absolve “original sin,” as is asserted with traditional Christian Baptism. We DO joyously welcome these children and their families into our faith community with an affirmation of the important role our faith community will have in their lives from this day forward. With our annual Flower Communion we proclaim our historical heritage and current embrace of life’s diversity as our blessing. All ages participate in both of these happy rituals before children and youth leave for their RE Classes. Especially this Spring, it is essential that we celebrate these UU Rites and proudly proclaim our liberal religious values to our troubled world. Join us for this festive and deeply fellowship enriching Worship! Please remember to bring your flowers today!


April 22      Covenanting As Unitarian Universalists: Renewing our Covenant of Right Relations
Reverend Christine Riley, Music Director Raymond Elliott, the UUCCWC Choir and Members of the Covenant of Right Relations Renewal Task Force

This morning our focus turns to what it means to be “in a covenanting faith community” as Unitarian Universalists. As people of liberal religious beliefs and shared values, our official Covenant of Right Relations is an essential congregational agreement. UU Covenants of Right Relations affirm sincere aspirations regarding how we will be together here in our Church. Our congregation has been engaged in an inclusive process to update and revitalize our Covenant of Right Relations. This morning the CRRR-Task Force shares the proposed new Covenant in this Worship. At our May Annual Congregational Meeting we will vote on its adoption. Together we explore how UU covenanting is vital to kind and respectful fellowship being our norm in all we do together.


April 29      We’re all Humanists, aren’t we?
The UUCCWC Humanist Group

Have you wondered, what is Humanism? What are the beliefs and principles that Humanists hold? The UUCCWC Humanist Group will present views on Humanism in the words of and from the perspectives of a group of well-known Humanists, reflecting their personal beliefs. Come hear what Gene Roddenberry, William Murry, Madeleine Albright and others have to say about Humanism.