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Sunday services begin at 10:00am in the Sanctuary.


Worship Topics for July 2017

July 2      What is the American Dream?
Darlene Tschudy, Worship Assistant

Is the “American Dream” the same for everyone? Can UUs work for a dream that encompasses the hopes of all of us?


July 9      Dreams of Earth
Darolyn Wylie, Worship Associate

When Europeans first came to this continent, they saw a huge wilderness as an adversary to be survived, then overcome, then manipulated and developed. This was also the story when Europeans began settling the Oregon Country. They traveled west for many reasons, but with certain attitudes and values that in- formed their dreams of their new home. What were the stories that they told themselves about their relationship to the natural world? We will explore where those stories originated, where they led, and why our 7th Principle is so important for the future.


July 16     The Dream of No Privilege
Teresa Goodell, Board of Trustees member

What if no one enjoyed any privilege? Is that a goal we all can endorse? Do we fear losing something ourselves to achieve true equity among people? To contemplate these questions, we must first identify how we are privileged. Identifying our own privilege, how we have used it for personal gain, and how we can use it to benefit others, is an essential step in progress toward equity for all persons.


July 23     Transformations of an Idealist in Hard Times
Bill Ellis, Worship Assistant

Believing in living life according to high standards of behavior and honesty is a challenge in current times. We’ll consider my personal journey and perspective on idealism and how to adapt and maintain a positive and activist outlook.


July 30     Planning A Good Death
Pam Midyett, Worship Assistant

“Hospice treats the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of people at the most vulnerable point of their lives. Some hospice workers believe that working with the dying is the closest you can get on earth to the presence of God.” These words, from an article by Larissa MacFarquhar in The New Yorker, sum up very succinctly why hospice is so important. Some day all of us (some sooner than others) will need the benefits of hospice care. UUCCWC member and hospice nurse Pam Midyett will talk about these benefits, the misconceptions and some other not-so-well known aspects of dying in America, and how she believes that hospice care is the most important part of your Plan for Your Life.