Upcoming Services

Sunday services begin at 10:00am in the Sanctuary.


Worship Topics for May 2017

May 7     Annual Youth-Led Service 
Young Religious UUs
Come join our YRUUs as we explore celebrating Unity and Diversity in our annual Youth-Led Service. Our high schoolers will be sharing their thoughts and observations on prejudice, then leading us in a very special outdoor activity following the service. (Dress for the weather. We will be in the grass field behind the parish house.)


May 14     Music and Worship Service: Honoring the Mother of Us All
Ray Elliott, Music Director; the UUCCWC Choir; Pam Midyett: and Kristen van Kranenburgh
Mother’s Day is set aside to honor mothers everywhere. Join the UUCC musicians as we focus on the mother of us all–and in us all–as well as remembrance and celebration of those women who gave us life. That nurturing character resides in our world as a powerful force–so needed n our time.


May 21     Cultivating Beloved Community
Reverend Christine Riley; Ray Elliott, Music Director, and the UUCCWC Choir
How does nurturing Beloved Community here in our congregation matter beyond our doors? Standing proudly to proclaim our shared liberal religious beliefs and values shapes not only ourselves but fosters UU vitality in the wider world as well. This morning we affirm that what we are about here in these difficult times matters so very much.



May 28     The Saving Grace of Poetry 
Reverend reverend Sue Ayer
A poem may be as brief as a haiku, as silly as a nursery rhyme, as majestic as Homer’s Odyssey, or as comforting as the 23rd Psalm. What is the magical power that flows from the simple act of stringing words together in particular ways, affecting our minds and emotions? For the healing of our hearts and the saving of our world, we might well invoke the power of poetry to comfort our souls and inspire our best efforts. Our community minister shares some of her favorites.