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Sunday services begin at 10:00am in the Sanctuary.


Worship Topics for August 2017

August 6      Facing nightmares and things that go bump in the night
Reverend Heather Lynn Hanson

Bad dreams are hard enough. Bad reality is even worse. The Dream Experts teach tactics to reduce the fear and change the dream. But when that isn’t enough to change reality …then what? Can dreams help change realities? Heather Lynn Hanson, retired UU minister now living in Corvallis, shares some of her dream wisdom.


August 13      Immigrants & Outsiders: A Dream of Belonging
Diane Larson, Worship Associate

Which barriers do immigrants face in feeling welcomed to the U.S.? Why do other groups of people feel like outsiders, as though they can’t find a place in our society? What does it take for people to feel at home, as though they belong? How can we UUs in particular make a difference? Join us as we explore these increasingly relevant questions.


August 20      The Healing Power of Dreams or “Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream!”
Alana Graham, Worship Associate

What do dreams mean? Where do they come from? Can we heal ourselves – and the world – with our dreams? Alana will share some strange and healing dreams and encourage us to dream our own.


August 27      Civil Rights For All In These Times?
Reverend Christine Riley

Unitarian Universalism has a rich history of working for Civil Rights in past times. But the current time brings us unique challenges. Has the dream of equitable Civil Rights for all people become an unrealistic fantasy? This morning we discern what can be gleaned from the life of James Reeb as we consider what our liberal faith asks of each of us today. Will we keep the dream alive? How? For whom?