Upcoming Services

Sunday services begin at 10:00am in the Sanctuary.


Worship Topics for December 2017

December 3      Chalica Rejuvenated
Reverend Christine Riley, Music Director Raymond Elliott, and the UUCCWC Choir
Our Music Director and Minister have re-imagined our Chalica Celebration for this year! Chalica 2017 is an All Ages Worship with plentiful opportunities for everyone to actively participate. The UUCCWC Choir and Music Director will share inspirational music throughout this joyous time of fellowship and affirmation of our UU Seven Principles.
Come to proclaim our shared liberal religious values in this tumultuous time in our nation and world. Come to nurture our cherished intergenerational fellowship. Come to support this uniquely UU Rite’s messages of peacemaking, embracing life’s diversity, and generous compassion!


December 10      The Holiday Season: Enticements or Priorities??
Reverend Christine Riley, Special Musician Jason Spence, and the UUCCWC Board of Trustees
New Member Ingathering Today!
This morning’s worship will support each of us in sorting out the difficult and often conflicting choices that we all make each holiday season. Often we are asked, “What do you want this year?” Perhaps images of more “stuff” readily come to mind and can be at odds with our UU values. Together, we pause to celebrate what is truly of enduring value and how we might reframe our choices to be more meaningful.
Join us as we share holiday music and we rejoice in welcoming New Members into our faith community!


December 17      Yuletide or Winter Solstice
Washington County Covenant of UU Pagans
Yuletide or Winter Solstice is celebrated all over the planet by many traditions. This service will be led by the Washington County Covenant of UU Pagans, who will share a few of these spiritual traditions of the winter season.


December 24      Christmas Eve All Ages Worship
ONE SERVICE AT 7pm….No morning Worship or RE Classes
Come at 6:30 for the Choir Concert before the Christmas Eve Service begins.
Reverend Christine Riley, Music Director Raymond Elliott, the UUCCWC Choir and Special Musicians
Our traditional All Ages Christmas Eve Worship is a time of warm fellowship, of voices raised in carols, and for reconnection to the authentic meaning of this sacred holiday. Together, we celebrate the Christmas story and affirm its important messages for people of liberal faith. Our UUCCWC Choir and Special Musicians will share spirit-lifting music as we embrace the eternal messages of Christmas.


December 31      Stepping Toward Peace
Diane Larson, Worship Associate, and Special Musician Jean Powers
During the holiday season, greeting cards state a wish for “Peace on Earth.” But the eternal question is, How do we get there? The Dalai Lama has said, “World peace must develop out of inner peace.” How do we get there? Join us as we explore steps we can take.