Upcoming Services

Sunday services begin at 10:00am in the Sanctuary.


Worship Topics for June 2017

June 4     Choir Sunday: Lambscapes
Ray Elliott, Music Director, and the UUCCWC Choir

The UUCCWC Choir explores other living things as we respect the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.


June 11     RE Transitions and Bridging Sunday
Reverend Christine Riley; Sandi Carner, RE Coordinator

This morning our congregation comes together to celebrate the important transitions in the lives of our children, youth and their families. We proclaim our All Ages Fellowship as a cherished part of our congregational life as we mark their RE Transitions and UU Bridging Ritual. This uniquely UU ceremony for our high school graduating seniors supports their continued connections to our faith and UUCCWC as they now move forward into young adulthood. This year we also will offer our support to our YoYos as they move forward in the UU Jedi Academy with an important new ritual.

Come and affirm the importance of our intergenerational fellowship! These children and youth are our future UU leaders and they greatly value our support in their UU Religious Education journey.

This joyous Worship will be followed by an Ice Cream Social to celebrate our children, youth, and the new members who have joined our church this year. Weather permitting, we will host the Ice Cream Social outdoors.


June 18     Being a UU Father Pondering Parenting
Scott Lindstrom

We’ll consider together a UU Fathers’ or Parents’ Day using our Seven Principles, embracing the Pride Parade, and choosing fulfilling ways of connecting. And we’ll do it all in time to board MAX to the Gay Pride Parade!


June 25     Dreams and Dreamers in Conflict
Reverend Emily A. Champagne

We have American CITIZENS and desperate IMMIGRANTS vying for the same limited resources—for food, shelter, education, work, and medical care. Drawing on her experience working in Portland Public School classrooms and on her own family history, Rev. Emily Champagne will discuss this dilemma and possible solutions.