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Sunday Services at 10:00am
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Learning to be a Guest

What does it mean to know and love a place? Can we make a home for ourselves while still feeling like a guest somewhere? Our speaker will reflect on her experience coming to the Pacific Northwest and her experiences navigating life as a guest in this community.  

Contact the RE Coordinator for information on youth religious education classes. Children’s service are during the in-person service.   Visit our Zoom channel to watch services online.

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Caregivers come to Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations to help raise children to become kind, respectful, fair-minded, caring, and strong enough to side with love and fight for justice. 

Acting out our faith in justice and siding with love has been a core value for hundreds of years.

Forming our faith with ongoing lifespan learning is essential.

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Our Vision

A welcoming, liberal religious community where we care for and encourage each other to:

Rockford’s Rehnberg window representing our UU sources.