Chalice Lighters

The Chalice Lighter Program supports the growth of new and existing member congregations in the Pacific Northwest District by providing grants to help fund vital aspects of their growth plans. Grants are funded exclusively through contributions from Unitarian Universalists who participate as Chalice Lighters.


What Is a Chalice Lighter?

A Chalice Lighter is a person who agrees to donate at least $20, three times a year. These donations are combined with donations from other Pacific Northwest District congregation members to fund specific grant requests by district congregations.

Chalice Lighter Calls

When you become a Chalice Lighter you receive three call letters a year. There is always an active call: Fall (July 1-October 31), Winter (November 1-February 28), and Spring (March 1-June 30). Each call letter explains the express purpose of the call and asks for your donation of at least $20.

Chalice Lighter Grants

To be eligible for a Chalice Lighter grant, a congregation must have:

  • Honor Congregation status with the UUA:
  • At least 30% of the congregation’s total membership enrolled in and contributing to the Chalice Lighter program.

UUCCWC has recently benefited from two Chalice Lighter grants which helped funded our Sound System Upgrade (2020) and Parish House Roof Replacement (2018).

Become a Chalice Lighter


  • Donate by check: make your check payable to Cascadia Chalice Lighters, write UUCCWC on the check’s memo line, and mail it to:

Cascadia Chalice Lighters
2839 W. Kennewick Avenue, PMB 231
Kennewick, WA 99336


Through many people giving modest amounts, we can accomplish great things!

For more information contact Barbara Hart.