YES! We Are Proud to be UU Heretics! – Rev. Christine Riley

Reverend Christine Riley. Music Director Raymond Elliott and Special Musicians

What wisdom, for our times, can we gleam from how our Unitarian and Universalist forefathers and mothers responded to legal, moral and societal challenges in their day?

Together we discover guidance in responding to ever more frequent attacks on our liberal religious faith and values in the life and choices of our early Unitarian forefather, Michael Servetus. We’ll reflect on pressing questions generated ever more often by events of the day. Is defying civil law ever morally defensible? If so, under what circumstances and at what cost to self, family, and society? What does our own conscience know to be the most authentic path forward when the maps we’ve used in the past no longer seem adequate? Old answers fail us but novel ones can seem daunting. When the sheer complexity of so much today threatens to overwhelm us, and a plethora of excuses tempt us, might UU heresy be just the right prescription?

This morning we grapple with such matters; in thoughtful and compassionate fellowship, as we seek to identify new and more relevant answers in these troubling times. Might embracing our heretical heritage be a place to begin?