Committee on Ministeries

The Committee on Ministries (COM) is a committee of five lay members of the congregation appointed by the Minister and the Board of Trustees. The purpose of the COM is to strengthen the quality and effectiveness of all shared ministries of our church by tending to the general health and welfare of the entire congregation. Since the shared ministries are all the things we do as a congregation to fulfill the mission of our church, this committee exists to promote, support and celebrate the full range of the congregation’s activities.

The focus of the COM is the whole congregation and not any one part or program. Members of this committee are impartial observers of congregational life and do not advocate for particular policies or issues on behalf of members of the congregation or the minister(s). The COM seeks opportunities to raise awareness of and commitment to the congregation’s vision and mission, supports the Covenant of Right Relations, and models right relations and good communication within the congregation. Trust, integrity, and confidentiality are essential to the work of the Committee on Ministries.

The Committee on Ministries makes itself available to all members and friends of the congregation. Do you have a concern, question, or appreciate comment about congregational life? Speak to a member of the COM. On Sunday mornings you will recognize us by our purple name tags. You may also email

Kendra Staley, Co-Chair
Dee Cooper, Co-Chair
Alana Graham
Linda Minor