2023 Coming Back, Moving Forward Pledge Drive

Our Pledge Drive theme “Coming Back, Moving Forward” is apt because we have come back.   Many of us are back in the sanctuary together, and we are moving forward by adapting to be more inclusive than we ever could have imagined a few years ago.

In the new year, we have a fresh start.  There is so much to look forward to, and the world needs us to do the work to move forward.  We are back, and we are moving forward together.  Thank you!

To make this happen we need your help and support.  Think about what you appreciate about UUCCWC. Think about the potential we have with the energy and commitment we have generated over this past year. 

It’s up to us!  We are asking you to increase your pledge so that we can realize our vision.  From Reverend Ben:

“As a Unitarian Universalist congregation, we are committed to living our lives in harmony with our principles, with purpose and meaning. This is a time of year to remember to do it with gusto. Give until it feels good! Thank you for bringing your full self to this congregation.”

Small groups:

Sign up for a small group, where we will share fun stories, discuss the pledge drive materials, and learn about our progress in becoming a financially healthier congregation – Click here!

Ready to Pledge?

Pledging online is easy – Click here!

We ask that you pledge online or send in your pledge card by the end of February.

But, if your pledge is received in the church office by February 12th, you will be entered in a Raffle, with a chance to win a fantastic prize!

Want more information?

How to determine your pledge amount?  Look at the Fair Share Giving Guide.

What is our Pledge Drive target?  How does that reflect our values? See how Your pledge makes Our vision become reality.

How is UUCCWC doing financially? Look at our Pledge Health – What are our vital signs?