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My Spiritual Journey

Three members of the church community will each speak about their current spiritual journey. You might come out of it feeling more connected to your own, and each other’s. What is a spiritual practice you value (perhaps how you find peace, openness, connection, meaning)? What is a question you are pondering? How are you changing… Continue Reading My Spiritual Journey


On International Men’s Day, we celebrate men, and explore pressures and expectations around being a man.  Whether it’s you or someone you know, being a man can be quite a ride. During Joys & Concerns, we mark International Transgender Day of Remembrance by saying the names of those killed in the last year.  

Something Judges Us, Something Accepts Us

You are perfect the way you are … and you could use a little improvement,” writes Japanese Zen teacher Shunryu Suzuki Roshi. This week’s sermon will be an exploration of the interior sense of being both judged and accepted.