Our Staff

The heart of a congregation is its many volunteers. However, the day-to-day operation of the church, the coordination of all the activities, and the lines of communication to the membership all fall to the staff. The Unitarian Universalist Church of Washington County is truly fortunate to have dedicated staff who work hard to meet the many needs of our church and membership.

Music Director – Position Open

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Accompanist – Position Open

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RE Coordinator – Christine Hinderer
Originally from California, Christine has been a member of the UUCCWC congregation since moving to Hillsboro in 2007. Christine has a degree in literature from UC Santa Cruz. She has work experience in accounting and in print production. Attention to details, creative graphic design, and clear writing skills are useful and important skills for a religious exploration and education coordinator. Christine’s young son participates in the religious education classes. Christine believes church community can be beneficial for all children and works to include all children in religious exploration and education. Christine is active in the choir and enjoys the church book group. Christine’s hobbies include knitting, crochet and cross stitching. You can reach Christine at re_coordinator@uuccwc.org or by calling the office.


Office Administrator – Tanya Vesecky
Tanya serves as both the office administrator and bookkeeper. The office is open from 10am-2pm, Tuesday-Friday at the Parish House. The office phone is 503-648-1720.