Pastoral Care

Maybe you’re dealing with the death of a loved one, a divorce or some other life challenge. Perhaps a family member’s recent diagnosis of a mental illness or Alzheimer’s disease has you feeling sad and bewildered. Or maybe your child has special needs and you’re not sure where to turn for services. This church community can offer helping hearts and hands during these times.

When major life changes and challenges arise, the Pastoral Care Team (PCT), including the Minister, is here to listen and to provide support and referrals to wider community resources when needed. When health problems, illness, or hospitalization occurs, we can help. The Team works hand in hand with the Minister to provide support. Volunteers on this team may provide resources and information as well as hands-on assistance.  This might include visiting with you in your home, hospital or facility, or discussing your concern by telephone.

To help in this endeavor, approximately 50 volunteers, aptly named Helping Hands, assist the PCT to provide services such as meals, cards, transportation, visits, household or garden help, caring for a pet, providing a listening ear, celebration of life passages, and other assistance. We bring shawls created by the Shawl Ministry group to congregants needing comfort.

Your contact with the Pastoral Care Team is confidential. The team always asks your permission to share your concerns with others.

Meetings with the minister are bound by ministerial confidentiality and can be independent of the team or in concert with our Pastoral Care Team. The Minister often meets with congregants to discuss matters of concern like depression, relationships, illness, theological matters and more. The minister also meets with people about weddings, memorials, and rituals, all of which are benefits to our members.

The Pastoral Care Team is united by a desire to build a loving community that values wellness in every sense of the word. UUCCWC Members and Friends can reach out to request support from PCT or the Minister at:

Pastoral Care Team: