Stewardship means “to take care of.”  Our goal is to inspire our members and friends to fund the many goals and activities of our church community, to care for one another and to promote the care of our facilities and grounds.  This includes conducting canvassing, pledge drives, and other fundraisers.

For more information on the 2023 Coming Back, Moving Forward Pledge Drive click here.

All are welcome to volunteer to be a part of the Stewardship Committee and help assure our church is meeting the needs of our congregants and the wider community which we serve.  For further information, please feel free to contact any of our current Committee members: Kathy Foldes, Bill Ellis (co-chairs), Jane Hogue (Treasurer), Kevin Rex and Terri Schmiesing.

Stewardship activities include:

Annual Pledge Drive – plan and conduct the annual pledge drive; work with Worship Associates and Minister to plan a celebration for the conclusion of the Pledge Drive.  For more information, click here.

Fundraising – plan fun, community building and profitable events to fund special projects not in the church budget. These events may include an auction, flea markets, craft fairs, music programs and more.

Planned Giving – encourage members and friends to include the church in their estate plans to provide support to the church in the future. Leave a legacy for the next generation.

Practice generosity and support the work we do to care for one another:

To make or update your yearly Pledge, click here.

To Donate to UUCCWC online, click here.

The Chalice Lighter Program supports the growth of new and existing member congregations in the Pacific Northwest District by providing grants to help fund vital aspects of their growth plans.  UUCCWC has benefited from two Chalice Lighter Grants, and to be eligible, at least 30% of our membership must contribute to the Chalice Lighter program.  For more information about how you can contribute, click here.