Transition Team

Enter, Rejoice and Come In

Transition Team Update

November 2021

Difficult Conversations workshop with Kern Beare:  40 people attended Kern’s class earlier this month, knowing that part of our work during this interim period is to have those difficult conversations so we can learn from our past and create a united vision for our future. Kern shared several in-the-moment strategies for strengthening our relationships with one another while engaged in these conversations, and several long-term practices that help us to get better at seeing beyond our own story. We learned the brain science behind the strategies and practiced sharing stories with one another. 

Practice group

One of the goals of interim ministry is to leave us with the leadership skills to facilitate these kinds of discussions. We invite anyone who is interested to participate in a practice group to use the strategies covered in the Difficult Conversations workshop. Our first meeting will take place January 16th at noon. So that we will all have a shared base of understanding, we ask that any participants have taken the Difficult Conversations workshop, read the book, or attended a refresher offered by UUCCWC on January 9th at noon. You can buy the book here or borrow one from the parish house. To borrow one, visit the parish house during office hours or contact someone on the transition team to arrange for delivery. You can sign up for the refresher and/or the practice group by emailing

Kern is working with two UU congregations in January and February to offer 3-part online workshops: . They are both free and open to outside participants. To sign up for the January workshop, email and he will get you registered. For the February workshop, here is the sign-up link:!/showSignUp/508084fa9ae29a0fa7-difficult


Special Events: These are to bring us together for fun, to enjoy being in each other’s company.

  • Ben is offering a story night, Friday December 10th, at 6:00 pm We’ll use random prompts to remember and share oft-forgotten stories from our lives. You’re welcome to eat during the event, perhaps a nice warm soup. All, of all ages, welcome!
  • There has been some talk of choir members coordinating with Stewardship to host musical or sketch events in the new year. If you have ideas, we want to hear about them! Contact one of us individually or email with event ideas!

The transition team meets the 2nd Saturday of each month, 9:00-10:30 a.m. on UUCCWCZoom2. The zoom link will also be on the church calendar for anyone to join if you would like to hear firsthand about the work. You may also communicate with the team by emailing, or please seek out any of the Transition Team members for a conversation. We’d love to hear from you!


Bill Ellis, Co-chair; Ali Luey, Co-chair; Rev. Ben, Minister and Liaison to the Board of Trustees;

Sara Bly; Lorie Clark; Anne Dale; Jay Hamlin; Lois Perera; Jean Powers and Liz Scully


What is Interim Ministry?

… and how does the Transition Team support it? 

Three general goals of interim ministry

  1. Come to terms with the past (celebrate the good; process the challenging)

-this will happen in Sunday services, workshops, listening circles, informal conversations, etc.

  1. Be together in the present (melt the honey)

-this will happen in Sunday services, special events, covenant groups, justice actions, etc.

  1. Dream and plan for the future

-this will happen in visioning sessions in the final year of interim ministry.

Goals specific to UUCCWC

(These can change throughout the interim period)

  • Process recent trauma (of the last year, and the ending of the last settled ministry) and what is needed to regain trust
  • Explore with the congregation how to be committed to both freedom and equity
  • Practice skills for direct, compassionate communication when there is conflict, and what to do when direct communication doesn’t work.
  • Address over-functioning volunteers and how to spread the work
  • Become a more active presence in Hillsboro, including in justice work.
  • Celebrate our history, our gifts, and who we want to be
  • Deepen relationships with UUs beyond our congregation

Main roles of the Transition Team

  • Have the pulse of the congregation. How are people doing as we move through interim ministry?
  • Meet monthly with the interim minister to share the pulse of the congregation and together we figure out what the congregation most needs as interim work and how best to do it
  • Educate the congregation about interim, and make sure the congregation is doing its interim work (especially those in leadership positions).