Transition Team

2021 – 22 UUCCWC Transition Team Annual Report

May 2022

The Transition Team was formed to help facilitate the work that the Congregation will undertake during this interim period.

The Transition Team has met via zoom monthly since October 2021, with pairs and small groups working on projects between sessions as needed.

Significant accomplishments of the Transition Team this year include:

  • Bringing Kern Beare to us for virtual Difficult Conversation workshops with 40 members in attendance, to strengthen our communication skills
  • Story nights hosted by Rev. Ben, and an online intergenerational celebration of our history in conjunction with Stewardship (now on UUCCWC’s YouTube channel)
  • We have begun to process some trauma and practice compassionate communication around charged topics in heart-to-heart conversations via zoom, recognizing nuance in each other’s perspectives. This will be an ongoing process.
  • Surveyed individual team members about the goals, progress thus far, and what we could do to achieve them.
  • Worked in pairs and triads to analyze the status of our progress and make recommendations to work toward accomplishing each goal. We will review them in subsequent meetings and prepare a full report for the congregation.


Update: September 2022

At our September meeting, the team completed our review and agreed on a set of recommendations for possible approaches the congregation could take towards each goal. A new, comprehensive report with all these recommendations will now go to our Board of Trustees for approval before it is published to the congregation. Team members will then reach out to the various teams and committees for feedback on how each of the groups can engage with the work. 

Questions?  Concerns?  We want to hear them!  Contact one of us individually, email, or seek out any of the Transition Team members for a conversation.


The Transition Team meets the 2nd Saturday of each month, 9:30-11 am on UUCCWCZoom2. The zoom link will also be on the church calendar for anyone to join if you would like to hear firsthand about the work.

Your Transition Team,

Bill Ellis, Co-chair; Jean Powers, Co-chair; Rev. Ben Robins, Minister and Liaison to the Board of Trustees; Ali Luey;  Anne Dale; Jay Hamlin



What is Interim Ministry?

… and how does the Transition Team support it? 

Three general goals of interim ministry

  1. Come to terms with the past (celebrate the good; process the challenging)

-this will happen in Sunday services, workshops, listening circles, informal conversations, etc.

  1. Be together in the present (melt the honey)

-this will happen in Sunday services, special events, covenant groups, justice actions, etc.

  1. Dream and plan for the future

-this will happen in visioning sessions in the final year of interim ministry.

Goals specific to UUCCWC

(These can change throughout the interim period)

  • Process recent trauma (of the last year, and the ending of the last settled ministry) and what is needed to regain trust
  • Explore with the congregation how to be committed to both freedom and equity
  • Practice skills for direct, compassionate communication when there is conflict, and what to do when direct communication doesn’t work.
  • Address over-functioning volunteers and how to spread the work
  • Become a more active presence in Hillsboro, including in justice work.
  • Celebrate our history, our gifts, and who we want to be
  • Deepen relationships with UUs beyond our congregation

Main roles of the Transition Team

  • Have the pulse of the congregation. How are people doing as we move through interim ministry?
  • Meet monthly with the interim minister to share the pulse of the congregation and together we figure out what the congregation most needs as interim work and how best to do it
  • Educate the congregation about interim, and encourage the congregation to engage in the interim work (especially those in leadership positions).