UUCCWC Back to School Drive

Hello UUCCWC Members and Friends!

We are starting up the Back To School Supplies Drive for this fall. At this point (unless the Delta variant of CoVID completely takes over), it looks like the students may be back in the school classrooms. This is something we will have to watch carefully as we get closer to the school start date (September 9th).

So this year, we will probably be purchasing and filling backpacks rather than just collecting money like we did last year. However, if you want to give money, please click the button below.

I will work with the “Path to Reopen (P2R)” team to determine a safe way for us to purchase school supplies and to “pack” the backpacks. I don’t think we can do it like we did pre-CoVID and meet in the Social Hall to pack the backpacks. And it’s a little difficult for people to buy a complete backpack, as it will cost ~$100 per backpack full of supplies.

If we target 2 backpacks per grade (K-6), then that is 14 backpacks and will be somewhere between $1200 and $1400 total. That’s about 30% more than we did in 2020, but about half what we did in 2019. If we get more, that’s great. But let’s start with 2 backpacks per grade level now. Check groups.io for more information about current needs.

Thanks much!