Bake-a-Difference Order Ahead Menu

Bake-a-Difference Order Ahead Menu 

Check out the Baked goods below – baked with love by many of your friends.

Click on the items you want!  You will be taken to a Breeze Order Form.

Don’t forget – order for yourself and for someone else in our congregation.

Order now!  Baked goods are limited!  If you order an item that is sold out, when you click on Submit, Breeze will show: “Form Entry Limit Reached”.  If that happens, go back to the Menu, and order another item.

Suggested Donation:

Use the Donate button on our website and select “Bake-a-Difference”.  We suggest $15 per item ordered, but that is entirely optional – donate only as you are able.  Larger donations will also be appreciated!

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Proceeds go to our Multi-platform Worship fund.  This will enable us to simultaneously offer in-person services (when we are able), while still providing online access.

Vegan, Gluten-free, Diabetic-friendly

Coconut macaroons (dozen) – Gluten-free

Almond meringues cookies with pine nuts (6 cookies) – Gluten-free

Blueberry muffins (6 Muffins) – Diabetic-friendly, with Splenda, whole wheat, no nuts

Chocolate chip cookies (dozen) – Gluten-free, nut-free

Raisin cookies (dozen) – Gluten-free, nut-free

Butterscotch cookies (dozen) – Gluten-free, nut-free

Oatmeal raisin cookies (1/2 dozen) – vegan


Irish soda bread (large loaf)

Irish soda bread (small loaf)

Lemon blueberry bread (mini loaf)

Pumpkin walnut bread (small loaf)


Baklava (6 pieces)


Texas sheet cake (6-7 squares)

Chocolate Bundt cake (1 cake)

Pumpkin Bundt cake (1 cake)

Lemon Bundt cake (1 cake)


Strawberry rhubarb pie (1 pie)


Oatmeal raisin cookies (6 Cookies)

Pumpkin/chocolate chip cookies (3 Big cookies)

Snickerdoodle cookies (dozen)