Being LBGTQ in Oregon’s State Prisons….the good, the bad, the scary



October 11, 1988, was the day chosen for “National Coming Out Day” in the United States. What does that mean to the thousands of LGBTQ Adults in Custody (AICs) in Oregon’s prisons? Rev. Sue Matranga-Watson will look at the history of LGBTQ rights and attitudes in the Department of Corrections (DOC) and what are the policies, guidelines, and attitudes toward LBGTQ incarcerated individuals now in 2022. You may be surprised.

Rev. Sue Matranga-Watson has been a Chaplain for over 23 years. She has worked in the health care settings and the last 13 years has been a Prison Chaplain. Although she loves her work, she looks forward to retiring in the Spring of 2023.