Celebrating Our Children

Reverend Christine Riley, RE Coordinator Christine Hinderer, and the Cat House Band

This morning we gather to celebrate with our children their accomplishments this Church Year in their RE classes.  They will be sharing an art project they have been working on for weeks with us post-Worship in the Social Hall.  We will honor children transitioning into the next level RE Class in the fall with small gifts.  Our new RE Coordinator, Christine Hinderer and our Cat House Band have a song to teach folks of all ages!  All music for this Worship was selected by Raymond Elliott (our Music Director), myself and the Cat House Band Leader, Jason Spence, to be upbeat and hopeful as we honor and celebrate our faith community’s children and their RE Teachers and volunteers.

Come and confirm the joy and pride we all have in our congregation’s children then visit their art show and enjoy our Annual Ice Cream Social! 

Joyous music from our terrific Cat House Band today.