Fire Communion: Releasing Anger’s Smolder

Fire Communion: Releasing Anger’s Smolder

Rev. Denise Cawley

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Often unspoken discomfort and stress manifests as anger, depression and isolation. We will explore hurts we have hung onto, miscommunications we let fester, misunderstandings we never clarified and how they take up space, separate us from people in our community, family and workplaces, while also eating away at our heart. The culmination of this service will be a fire communion.

The fire communion is a ritual, that lets us set down, what is weighing on us. It helps us put into perspective what we may or may not be able to control, change or have turn out how we may have hoped. With so many changes and transitions in pandemic, in our country and even in our church, it is a time to stop the smoldering feelings in order to return to community.

In a ceremony of the burning bowl, people are invited to write down write down words, or a phrase, to sum up what they wish to release before entering the next phase with fresh eyes and a renewed heart. There will be two ways to participate. Either you can have your candle or chalice at home, ready to burn up small pieces of paper that you will write down what you want to let go of, or you can private or public message your intentions to Rev. Denise in our chat or ahead of time in an email, and she will burn it for you.