Flower Communion, New Member Ingathering and Awarding of UU Scouting Religion Badge: Love and Help

With our annual Flower Communion we celebrate our heroic historical Unitarian ancestors.  It was through their bravery that we have Flower Communion today in our UU Church here in Washington County!  This is our annual time to affirm and rejoice in our life’s diversity.


This morning we are also welcoming New Members into our fellowship.  Please come and celebrate the decision these folks have made to make UUCCWC THEIR Church!


We will also be honoring one of our UUCCWC children today, Benjamin Watkins.  He will be awarded his UU Scouting Religion Badge:  Love and Help.  This is our congregation’s chance to honor his hard work and dedication to his UU faith in Scouting.


After our children and teachers choose their flowers and depart for RE there will be a very fun and creative art project awaiting them there along with a Special Guest, Mai Fee.  Mai will be sharing why and how important flowers are in her cultural and religious heritage.


In a hectic world, one recently filled with sad news of terrorism and continuing negative behavior by some of our national leaders, it is especially good for us to come together and foster kindness, beauty and fellowship for All Ages!