Homecoming Sunday & Waters of the World Ceremony

Reverend Christine Riley and the UUCCWC Choir, Raymond Elliott, Music Director

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already time to begin our new Church Year! Our Annual Homecoming Sunday Worship and the Waters of The World Rite bring us back into deeper fellowship after Summer vacations and activities. We will renew our Covenant of Right Relations with the words of our new, democratically adopted Covenant.

As we commingle the waters we have collected from trips and adventures, (near or far) we affirm the blessing of sharing of our lives, our hopes for our beloved UU Church and the wider world. We rejoice with inspirational words and celebratory music proclaiming that standing united for equal compassion and justice for ALL affirms our UU values and calls us forward into the time ahead.

Join us and please remember your water!
(Virtual water always welcome, too!)