Homecoming Sunday – Waters of the World

We launch the church year with our Homecoming service. There have been great changes in our lives these past months and years, with the challenges, traumas and uncertainties of the pandemic, political unrest and climate change. Homecoming is a time to come together and begin anew. How fitting that it is the week of Yom Kippur in the Jewish calendar, a time to begin again in love.

Our water ceremony brings us together by honoring the water that has held us through our joys, sorrows and transitions. To prepare for the water ceremony, send Darolyn a photo of water from a meaningful place or moment in your life. Send to watersoftheworld@uuccwc.org by Sept 4th. Darolyn will ‘mix and mingle’ our water by creating a photo montage. If you want to add a few words about the significance of your water, send a phrase (not even a whole sentence) that can be included with the photo.

This Sunday, we install our interim minister, Rev. Ben Robins, and commit to the work of interim ministry as we prepare for our next settled minister. Interim ministry has three overlapping phases: Coming to terms with the past, renewing ourselves in the present, and envisioning and preparing for the future. This process includes us all and is grounded in love and mutual understanding.