Resiliency and Joy

Terri Schmiesing

A few years ago I heard a wonderful story that took place when the English colonized India.  They set up a golf course in Calcutta in an area populated with monkeys.  To the great frustration of the English golfers, the monkeys would pick up the balls and toss them in all directions.  The golfers tried to solve the problem by building fences, luring the monkeys away, even trapping and relocating them.  The monkeys just kept coming.  Finally the golfers decided on a new rule:  Play from where the monkey drops the ball!


Sometimes we think we have everything in control, then a monkey comes along and messes with our golf ball.  The more obvious lesson is that sometimes we are not in control of our life events, but are only in control of how we respond to them.  Another lesson might be … if we are the golfers, are we letting the monkeys have all the fun?


We will discuss ideas for living with resiliency and joy.  Please join us!