Virtual Service-A Rebirth of Hope and Dreams

Worship Associate Darolyn Wylie

Easter is a time of hope and UU’s are a people who believe in hope.  We are also a people who think, and, right now, it’s difficult not to be overcome with despair when we think of all the ways our nation is failing us.  Failures of our health care system.  Failures of infrastructure.  Failures of our economy.  Failures of our political system.  Failure to take care of the ecosystem on which our very lives depend.  And failure of our society as a whole to nurture the kind of strong connections that humans need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.  What can “We, The People” do to resurrect our hopes and dreams, and what do our UU Principles have to offer us for a better future?


4-12-20 Order of Service