Let’s “Bake a Difference” at UUCCWC

Let’s “Bake a Differenceat UUCCWC


We’re having a community-building bake sale – get one for you, one for me.

Here’s how it works:

  • The Order Ahead Menu will be available for 12 days, from Oct 4th through Oct 15th.

Click here for the Order Menu!

  • Look through all the options that our wonderful volunteers have offered to bake for us!
  • Decide what you’d like to order for yourself and click on that item to go to the order form to reserve your item; then use the “Donate” button on our website to give your donation.
  • If you can, please decide on a baked good for someone in the congregation. It could even be for someone you haven’t yet met in person. Then click on the link to the order form. You can order as many items as you wish.
  • Don’t want to use the online form? Contact Bill Ellis and he will order it for you.  And you can donate by check (sent to the office).
  • Pick up for orders will be Saturday, Oct 23 from 2 to 4:30 pm at the Parish House garage at the rear of the church’s back parking lot.
  • If you can’t pick up your order for any reason, we will have volunteers who will deliver to you.
  • Those who ordered gifts for others will need to deliver them to their fellow congregants. Again, if you aren’t able to do this, we will have volunteers to deliver for you.
  • Proceeds go to our Multi-platform Worship fund.  This will help us to simultaneously offer in-person services (when we are able), while still providing online access.